Daily Archives: December 30, 2017

A Word About Sexually Explicit Fics 4

A couple of ladies (I won’t use their names) have asked why I “have to” put sex in all fics, and write it so explicitly. Here’s the answer: I like writing it. I’m not doing this for readers alone.  I enjoy writing.  I think I’ve gotten a lot better at it, but then it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I don’t get a lot of feedback, and of the FB I get, there has never been a complaint about sex.  Although most people aren’t “confrontational” — aka, giving criticism.  Maybe it’s a fandom thing. So if the sex bothers you, you’ll find a lot of wonderful G-rated/PG-rated fics from other authors at Archive of Our Own.  Their search feature is excellent. 🙂  

Working on Mirror Mirror Sequel & Other Fics 2

Hi. I intended the fic, “Mirror, Mirror”, to be a one-off.  Mostly because when I was done, that was the only thing the bunny muse gave me.  But then a fella on FB said he’d be interested in a sequel so I started thinking about it.  Four days later, I had a little bunny.  A few days after that, I was writing.  I wrote about 30 pages, then deleted 15 because I wasn’t happy with the extreme slant I took. I’m now on page 58.  This fic will likely have 90-100. The name of this sequel is “Mirror, Mirror: Reflections”.  Here’s hoping you like what I’ve done there.  I won’t give a time table.  I always miss them.  Just know I’m working on it. …. I’m also working on: Chrysalis 5 Intervals Betwixt 5 Trilogy 15 and a few other new standalone ideas. I’m happy the muse is back in full force.  I’ll take advantage of it. 🙂


Jack and Daniel’s Wedding Effects Wallpapers.  You can see the link in the Top Menu, too. Have put up some J/D Wedding wallpapers, all the same but of differing colors.  Hope you like them. They have a load time that’s annoying and I apologize for that.  I had a choice between a low quality/low size and high quality/higher size.  Example, 600kb vs 1.3mb.