Stupid plugin gave me an update that crashed my site.  So, until those people fix that, or I can find a better plugin, it’s disappeared.  Not like it was worth anything.  Visitors don’t seem inclined to leave feedback.

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J/D Ficathon Entry Here: I Walk Alone … No More AO3 url:  I Walk Alone … No More J/D, AU, Mature, Quantum Mirror Story Entry for the 2015 J/D Ficathon Summary: Daniel finds love in another Universe. Author Notes: I got the title while listening to Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” as I wrote the first chapter. This story was written in a hurry.  The tell vs. show aspect is obvious.  I hope to rewrite later.  

New Fic: I Walk Alone … No More

For Margaret, especially. I forgot to have an email line in my contact form so I could email you directly. My apologies. To get different downloadable formats of my stories, please see my stories at Archive Of Our Own. Link is in the above main menu on my website, or here: My page at AO3

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Well … I’m depressed, in a sort of mourning period. My computer had some blue screen error issues so (it’s a Dell) I proceeded to implement a factory reset. Unfortunately, the damn thing froze during the reset’s reinstall. I restarted my machine after being in a freeze holding pattern for 13 hours. It returned to continuing the reset. Unfortunately, it didn’t keep my selected folders and files. AND … my backup My Book external drive was corrupted by the corrupted computer so … Every goddamn thing is gone. All my art. All my files. All my new fiction files. Everything. […]

File Loss

I’ve been looking through photos for other Trinity/Trilogy characters to “paint”, especially those secondary characters who aren’t always front and center.  So I thought of Jason’s team, SG-2, and his 2IC, Alex Wagner, is an easy one since he looks like Paul Walker, but with brown eyes.  I started to look for the pics that describe the other two team members and after a bit of research through Trinity and Trilogy, I realized that I’ve never fully described their appearances.  At first, they were “background” characters, but I then gave them personalities and spouses so why the hell hadn’t I […]

I’ve Made a Bad Writer boo-boo

Jared "Will" Scarlet
One of the Pirates for Trilogy 14.  I kept seeing “Will Turner” from POTC, but slightly changed.  So I took the photo of Will into Photoshop and played with the Paint Assistant until I got the image I was satisfied with. 🙂    

Jared “Will” Scarlet, for Trilogy 14