Joysgate and AO3

Howdy from the new host for my website (which is using the WordPress format).  Have some issues after switching from the old host to the new one.  It’s a bit annoying.  One of which is not having my sliders work for the theme I’m using.

Anyways, while I was waiting for the switchover, I uploaded most of my fics to Archive of our Own (AO3), including Intervals and all of my Trinity Universe stories (Visits, Trinity, and Trilogy).  Have posted the newest Trilogy there as well as the newest standalone (for a JD Ficathon).

Am torn whether or not to start posting all my stories on the website (again) given the stupid cock-ups by the theme.  For the time being, I’m leaning toward not posting everything on the site until the theme creators get their frickin’ heads out of their asses and stop giving people shit for finding errors. *sigh*  I realize there a lot of idiots out there who whine first, check later, but FCOL, fix your bloody code, people. ;)

Site Problems

Am gonna have to test the site with other themes.  I’m having way too many problems with loading time and the site hanging.

I’m so sorry for the problems anyone else is having.  I hope to fix them soon.