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Welcome to Joysgate!

October 20, 2013


Site is under ongoing construction.  I’m working on entering all the content, from episode info to character info.

Apologies for trying your patience.  If you find something that isn’t working right, let me know.

Once everything is done, I hope this will be a place you can rely on for art and general fandom information. smile

For the best detailed information, try Gateworld » smile

Uncommon Jack

New Jack Wallpaper

Uncommon Jack

Uncommon Jack

Uncommon Jack

New Daniel Jackson Wallpaper


New Teal’c Wallpaper

Teal'c He Is

Teal’c He Is

Site Problems

Am gonna have to test the site with other themes.  I’m having way too many problems with loading time and the site hanging.

I’m so sorry for the problems anyone else is having.  I hope to fix them soon.

Featured Image Font1

Those Old Graphic Art Links Won’t Last Long

I’m supposed to be writing, but I’m sort of feeling the blahs, so I decided to work on wallpapers.  Am currently working on Teal’c, and putting together the wallpaper backgrounds and images.  I realized that I didn’t have a flat graphic of Apophis’ symbol so I went on an image search.  I could have designed one myself but I’m feeling lazy.

So I found Apophis’ symbol.  But by doing so, I also found the Earth Glyph Arm Patch I made (primarily b/c Showtime was extremely stingy with fan stuff like graphics and images).  Seriously, I personally made a copy of the patch SG-1 wore on their arm, then put on my website to share it. :)  I also found that someone had made a set of photoshop brushes out of my glyph font. :)  That was awesome.  I always meant to do that and never got around it.

Now I’m not upset since no one was claiming authorship.  But the links to my graphics will be dead after I move everything over to this wordpress file system.

So, heads’ up people!  Once this site it fully transferred, all your old links won’t work.  I’m really sorry about this but this is what happens when I decide to have a more professional-looking design. ;)

Jack He Is

New Jack O’Neill Wallpaper — Jack He Is

General Jack O’Neill — Jack He is. smile

Blog and Forum Posting Issues

After importing from Live Journal, a bunch of “Joysgate” posts had some pictures go missing. I apparently did that when relinking Live Journal posts. angry

If you find an image missing, let me know and I’ll either fix it right away or put it on the to-do list. Ahh!


And on the forum?  The stupid thing is not allowing me to edit an entry.  For example, after posting an entry, you want to correct a typo?  Nope, sorry.  I’m getting redirected to a “Not Found” page.  Asshats.  If I can’t fix this crap, I’m scrapping this forum plugin and finding another.  Furious

Iconic Stargate SG-1 Episode Scenes

What image comes to you when you see or hear “Children of the Gods”?
“The Fifth Race”?
“Fair Game”?
“Shades of Grey”?
“The First Ones”?
“Absolute Power”?
“Beast of Burden”?

et cetera.


I’m creating a large monitor-wide header for my SG-1 episode pages and I’m gonna fill it with various episode snapshots (obviously, I can’t put 100+ in there). Trouble is, what my idea of an iconic episode scene may be different than yours so what are your favorite episodes and what scene defines them?

Working On Content

Just a notice that I’m working on content.  If you find a blank page, it’ll be because there’s nothing there yet and I forgot to put a “coming soon” message up. wink

New Sam Carter Wallpaper

Our Iconic Stargate Woman

Sam Carter Wallpaper, Sam She Is

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